About my art

      I see myself as an intuitive-self-expression-oriented creator. Through an experimental approaching I am looking for an openness in the images that entices the viewer to make an active interpretation by connecting with the image, independently of its likability. 

      I specialized myself in experimental analog photography and video-art due to my inability to find satisfaction in conventional digital photography. My current master research is based on abstract photography and the divulgation of subjects such the limits of art or controversial and unusual types of art making.

      My pieces often speak from an intimate and introspective place in myself- I am inspired by personal experiences, imperfection, concepts of home, belonging and identity, natures rawness and the irregular in general. My work is based on embracing and welcoming limited opportunities of control and at the same time on manipulating the expression of images through the lens or the film, playing with my own intuition and impulses. My goal is to bring the images to life to evoke emotions or tell stories, not to being aesthetically beautiful or being seen as art. 

       The 95% of my pictures takes place outdoors, the interaction with the environment is a very relevant factor- I have to move in order to get new imagery. I like to use the charm of spontaneity as much as I can- I do not usually influence the environment or subject to capture what I want- my method can almost be compared to a hunt. This, along with the denial of perfection, makes my work exciting and quite unpredictable.

  • Technique

    I damage my photographs by pre-exposing the films to various light sources or buying already damaged experimental films. I also use water drops, steam, make a wrong use of the flash/shutter speed and play with VCM techniques (voluntary camera movements).  I usually sacrifice what we understand as quality in order to get expression. I work mostly with lomo, experimental and black and white films.


    • Artistic Education

        MA Fine Arts
        University of the Creative Arts / OCA Barnsley, UK

        2019- 2021 Visual Arts
        Falkenbergs Konstskola Stockholm, Sweden

        2011- 2013 Photographic and performing Arts, Fine Art Photography
        Superior Art School of Arts, Spain

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